About Me

Ever since I can remember, I have been surrounded by amazing women who LOVE to cook and entertain. Weekends and holidays at my grandmother's house were always filled with family, friends, fun and LOTS OF FOOD! My mother never failed to make amazing birthday cakes, cookies, and fun, weeknight dinners in a flash with very few ingredients.

Having a sense of humor has ALWAYS been mandatory in the kitchen. Everyone in our family is a huge movie buff, so if you're good at repeating comedic movie lines or "speaking movie," you'll do just fine in our home at a dinner party.  My favorites (and not just the funny ones) are: Star Wars, Marvel Superhero movies, National Lampoon's Vacation movies (Christmas and Vegas), James Bond films, 80's John Hughes comedies, and pretty much anything with Will Ferrell (yup, even Elf).

Living in San Diego, I was always interested in the health and fitness industries, so becoming a personal trainer was a very easy choice for me. I quickly discovered that nutrition was by FAR the most important aspect in leading a fit and healthy lifestyle. Making nutritious food healthy and delicious was a welcome challenge. I eventually became a project manager for a health care company, assisting large and small business in educating their employees to live healthier, more productive lives. We created incentives and challenges for people to eat more fruits and veggies, to quit smoking and to exercise regularly. Then, after taking one look at my newborn son, I decided to dedicate my life to making HIM a healthy and productive human being.

As a new hobby, I started blogging, broadcasting and competing with some unexpected, IMMEDIATE results. My family and I recently moved to Scottsdale, Arizona, where I now focus on further developing my own blog. I also posting articles, videos and develop partnerships for Yummie Nation.com an AWESOME blogger hub website.

In the summertime, you can still find my family and me at one of San Diego's beautiful beaches surfing, kayaking or playing in the sand. I am also an amateur triathlete and an avid yogi. I practice Ashtanga yoga and/or vinyasa flow yoga daily.

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